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Providing leadership, training and coordination for Handicapped SCUBA Diving around the world

Divers in Action

Visit our Youtube channel to see HSA Scuba Divers with Disabilities accept the challenge to become part of a world that has barely been explored. Join Linda Norlund diving in Bonaire with Jim Gatacre. Linda has a brain injury causing loss of control over muscles that enable her to walk and control her speech. Linda is an avid diver and world traveller.

Meet HSA Certified Diver, David

Certified in 1995 and with over 500 dives! Here are his words of encouragment:

HSA Diver David"My name is David,i;m 59 years old and have muscular dystrophy (incomplete quad).
I have been scuba diving since 1995 and have about 500 dives.I've been a few places (mostly Central America)and its been GREAT!! not only for the exercise(witch we all need) but the freedom, sense of accomplishment and education of others and its a lot of Fun!!
and how COOL is it to say"I'M GOING SCUBA DIVING".No matter what your age or(dis)ability is YOU CAN DO IT!! WE ARE NOT HANDICAPPED UNDER WATER!!however we do look like a herd of turtles...LOL. to be continued....."

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Support HSAHSA International is proud to offer you our SeaLife Membership. Your contribution will allow HSA to continue providing the highest level of quality SCUBA instruction and certification, as well as continual evaluations to update information about accessible resorts and travel resources, HSA accessible travel opportunities and much more!!!

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MAUI 2015 the Adventure

HSA Hawaii Holiday 2015Ten beautiful days on Maui, clear skies, calm water and rainbows! One morning there were three, one right after the other arching across 8 miles of blue sky from Maui to the island of Moloka'i, spectacular!
We had 10 intrepid travellers on this trip, David Haggard, Dallas Texas; Pedro Garcia, San Diego California; Dr. Phil 'the reef tripper' Utley, New York-New York; the Colpitts family, Dr. Terry MD, Alisa, Elaina & Lucas, Blacksburg Virginia; Jim, Pat & Elizabeth (the dog) Gatacre, San Clemente California! What a group, coast to coast, north to south and nobody got hurt! Gotta love it!

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