HSA Team

Polett Villalta, Web Developer - WebMaster

Polett VillaltaPolett is a Web Developer with extensive experience in graphic and web design.

As HSA's newest addition to the Web Development team, Polett has redesigned the online presence of our Agency by blending in today's coding standards with a modern layout that provides visitors with the ease of access necessary to navigate throughout our website in the most enjoyable way possible.

Polett was introduced to the ocean in Venezuela when she was a month old and grew up with the ocean as her playground. She loved recreational free diving as a kid. A Challenging Twist, at the age of 12 she suffered a Spinal Cord Injury while playing under heavy rip currents, rendering her quadriplegic. In 1990, her journey to the world of computers began when she went for intensive rehab at Lyndhurst Hospital in Toronto Canada. She spent her days re-learning how to use her body and nights taking all available classes within the computer field.

Upon returning to Venezuela, her native country, Polett studied programming as well as hardware/software training, where her interest and focus started shifting towards graphic design within the programming field.

As time went by, the lack of accessibility for wheelchair users in a third world country led Polett and her Mother to move back to the US where they lived when she was a child. Here she continued to study web and graphic design and in 2000 began building websites freelance. She now owns her own business: Polett's Design Studio, and is in the process of launching her new business image: Digital Web Academy.

The ocean calls! In spite of her addiction for computers and technology, Polett's true passion still lies in the ocean. This is why in 2011 Polett became an HSA C-level certified Scuba Diver, an accomplishment that opened the doors once again for her to submerge into the underwater world where she feels "at home".

Polett is a recipient of the 2014 Women Divers Hall Of Fame Award (WDHOF) which has her looking forward to taking HSA's Advanced Open Water training and getting her Nitrox certification during the summer.