HSA Team

Patricia (Pat) Gatacre, Media Relations

Pat GatacrePat earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Philosophy/Psychology from the University of California Irvine and later attended the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine where she studied a variety of healthcare therapies.

Pat was instrumental in the founding of HSA. In 1977 she created the HSA's first logo, a porthole with a wheelchair inside, crossed by a diver without fins - no wheelchairs in the ocean! This logo was pinned to the wall of the Gatacre's garage for 5 years and served as an ever reminder for Gatacre to do something - which turned out to be the HSA!

Since the inception of HSA in 1981, Pat has been the organizations publicist, creating press releases and feature articles for print and online publications within the scuba diving industry as well as for speciality publications for people with disabilities, including two cover stories for Sports n' Spokes Magazine, popular among athletes with disabilities. Her work has been featured in numerous dive publications such as the prestigious Dive Training Magazine, the PADI Journal and NAUI Resources.

Calling upon her multi-media experience in advertising, she wrote the script for HSA's first film Freedom in Depth, and was a consulting editor for The Cousteau Society & HSA's second film To Fly in Freedom. She also researched and compiled most of the medical information for the HSA Instructor & Dive Buddy Manuals.

Pat started writing for publication at age 18, first as a journalist for Northeast Newspapers in the Southern California area. A few years later she joined the staff of the Beverly Hills Times as a restaurant reviewer, writing reviews for such world renowned restaurants as 'La Scala', a favourite of President John F. Kennedy when he visited Los Angeles.

For 2 years she served as Copy Chief and Assistant Art Director for the Hollywood office of Botsford, Constatine & Gardner, one of the top 15 advertising agencies in the United States. She produced copy for print, radio and television commercials, including a series of radio spots utilizing the stand-up comedy routines of comedienne Phyllis Diller. Additionally she accepted the challenge of writing ad copy for commercial aviation's cockpit voice recorder, the 'Black Box'. The advertising message helped airline pilots 'adjust' to the presence of the recorder, a continuous loop containing the last 30 minutes of conversation within the plane's cockpit.

After moving to the Seaside city of San Clemente, Pat enjoyed the creative freedom of freelance feature writing for an extensive range of local, regional, national and international publications. For several years she was a contributing editor for Joe Weider's Muscle and Fitness Magazine and for Orange Coast Magazine.