HSA Course Director Training Course (CDTC)

Advanced Scuba DiverDo you want to build upon your success as an HSA Instructor? To be a partner in developing the HSA infrastructure? As an HSA Course Director you can create a 'Handicapped Scuba Association Training Center' offering all levels of HSA Certification to your community.

An HSA Course Director (Instructor Trainer) is the highest and most trusted position in our organization. HSA Course Directors train HSA Instructors, developing 'in them' an understanding of disability types, the psychological adjustments people with disabilities must make and how scuba diving can help. You will train our Instructors in the special skills, and equipment, required for divers with disabilities to safely and comfortably Scuba dive. And just as importantly accessibility considerations, how to determine if a classroom, pool, open water or dive destination is accessible.

As an HSA Course Director you must have a thorough understanding of the HSA Physical Performance Requirements and Multilevel Certification. You must be capable of properly using this specialized system for certifying Scuba Divers. This enables HSA Course Directors to teach HSA Instructor candidates how to safely train, assess and certify Scuba Divers with disabilities.

HSA Course Directors must also understand and be capable of training HSA Instructor candidates in all of the HSA programs; Introduction to Scuba, Skin/Snorkel Dive Certification, Open Water Scuba Diver Certification, Advanced Scuba Diver Certification and the Dive Buddy Course (DBC).

Your Course Director Training Course is in two Phases

  • One on one in depth Power Point CDTC lectures covering ITC/DBC Lectures.
  • You will organize and teach an HSA ITC/DBC with supervision.
    [Instructor Training Course (ITC)/Dive Buddy Course (DBC)]

In Depth PowerPoint CDTC Lectures

Your Course Director Trainer will go through the entire ITC/DBC Power Point Presentation and Instructor Manual (Academics, Standards and Procedures) covering every detail, including content and purpose. You will learn:

  • How to use the Power Point lectures to develop your own credibility, the credibility of HSA, and empathy for people who have the various disabilities covered.
  • How the HSA Certification system works, develop an understanding of the HSA Performance Requirements and how to teach this system to Instructor candidates.
  • Develop an understanding of accessibility issues, overcome barriers, dive boat use and how to teach this to Instructors & Dive Buddy candidates
  • How to conduct HSA ITC/DBC confined and open water skill evaluations, why these skills were chosen and how to use them to develop Instructor Teaching Skills & Dive Buddy Assisting Skills.
  • You will deliver ITC/DBC select lectures to your Course Director Trainer in a one to one setting.

Organize and Teach an HSA ITC/DBC with Supervision

  • You will plan the ITC/DBC, including lecture room, confined and open water facilities, and recruitment of the Instructor/Dive Buddy candidates.
  • You will teach the ITC/DBC under your Course Director Trainer's supervision. Each day will be followed-up with discussions on what happened that day, and planning for the next day.
  • You will administer and correct the HSA ITC/DBC Exam.

Prerequisites for Course Director Training Course

  • HSA Instructor in good standing.
  • Scuba Diving Instructor for a minimum of two (2) years.
  • Certified a minimum of twenty (20) Open Water Scuba Divers, with or without disabilities.
  • Teach one (1) HSA Open Water Scuba Courses.
  • Certify one (1) HSA Open Water Scuba diver with disabilities.

Recommended Additional Experience

  • Certify one (1) HSA Advanced Scuba diver with a disability.
  • Teach one (1) Dive Buddy Course.
  • Coordinate and supervise overnight Scuba tours for divers with disabilities.
  • Conduct a Resort Evaluation.