DiveQuest in `The Living Seas`


Imagine going "backstage" at Walt Disney World's "Living Seas", a 6 million gallon ocean environment, home to over 65 protected marine life species that together number about 3000 marine animals.

As a guest member of the "DiveQuest Team" you'll become educated about The Living Sea's abundant and ever-changing marine life population. Then, see it yourself...and have yourself seen, by all who cluster around the massive observation windows. You are a Disney Cast Member, entertaining your family, friends and total strangers as your team tour guide takes you in, down and around a 30 ft. depth of aquatic splendor-- crystalline waters enlivened by colorful tropical fish, serene sea turtles, vivid coral reef structures...even a shark!

The "DiveQuest Program" offers this unforgettable experience to certified scuba divers, including those with disabilities. But you MUST be a Certified Scuba diver, so don't forget your c-card!

In 2002 - the 100th Anniversary of Walt Disney's birth - HSA received an exclusive invitation to train and certify the DiveQuest team instructors and dive masters eager to learn the specialized skills necessary to teach handicapped divers. Now even HSA "C Level" divers (who require extra attention) can safely join in the fun.

Expand your dive memories in "The Living Seas" by proudly wearing your complementary limited edition "DiveQuest" T-shirt, as you sit back and watch YOUR Scuba dive on a take-home video (extra fee).

More good news! HSA certified divers (proof required) receive a 10% DISCOUNT. Don't forget, you must ask for it.

Also in 2002 HSA founder, Jim Gatacre, (left) trained and certified Walt Disney World's own Leslie Koontz as The Living Seas "resident" HSA Instructor trainer. Using the Living Seas as her underwater classroom Leslie provides ongoing leadership training for dive instructors who want to become certified as HSA Instructors.

For more information call 407-560-5590. Divers with disabilities need to inform the reservationist about their specific requirements to ensure maximum enjoyment of the "DiveQuest" experience. Instructors contact Leslie at: lkoontz@comcast.net



Dolphins In Depth

Have you ever hugged a dolphin? Or felt its heartbeat against your hand? Can you hold your breath up to 8 minutes like a dolphin can?

As with "The Living Seas" attraction, Epcot's Dolphins In Depth Program is housed within Sea Base Alpha - a re-created underwater research facility. This program involves you right away in the lifestyle and with the anatomy of Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins. You'll see actual research projects in progress and acquire scientific information. The more you know, the more you'll care about protecting these graceful, intelligent animals for future generations to enjoy.

Most importantly, YOU'LL HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO INTERACT WITH DOLPHINS WHERE THEY LIVE: IN THE WATER. Walt Disney World's Dolphin Trainers work with you individually during the interaction. In waist-deep water you'll find out such things as where to take a dolphin's temperature, how it breathes and vocalizes. Best of all, give your dolphin a hug and feel him wiggle in your arms. (Bring a bathing suit to wear under the Disney-provided wet suit for your personal encounter since the dolphins love to play and you're guaranteed to get wet.)

From the perspective that everyone deserves a bit of magic, the "Dolphins In Depth" program is wheelchair accessible and staffed with people knowledgeable about disabilities. A commemorative T-shirt and video of YOUR interaction with the dolphin is included in the program. You must be at least 16 years old to participate. As an HSA member (diver or non-diver) you're entitled to a special 10% DISCOUNT.

Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund

All the proceeds from Disney's "Dolphins in Depth" and Epcot's "DiveQuest" are donated to the Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund, which promotes the survival of wildlife and wild places in all their beauty and diversity. The fund was established in 1995 to promote and enable global wildlife conservation through partnerships with qualified scientists, educators and organizations committed to preserving the earth's biodiversity.

PLEASE NOTE: Dive Instructors who take the HSA Instructor Course with Leslie at "The Living Seas" have a portion of their course fee donated to the Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund. For more information, contact Leslie at  lkoontz@comcast.net


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